Ten-Pin Bowling Tips For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced (LEARN HOW TO BOWL)

“The ten men brace themselves as the boulder hurtles their way. They are standing in a triangular fashion with 4 men at the back, 3 in front, 2 in their front, and one braving it in front of them all. The highway isn’t that long for the boulder, and as it closes in on them, they resign to the fact that they can’t move or run from it. They all shut their eyes tight and hope to survive the ordeal for the umpteenth time that day. But the boulder shows no mercy as it collides into them, sending them all scattering here and there. As the last man standing topples and sways, from the other end of the highway, he can see someone holding their hands together, waiting in anticipation for him to fall down. He gives in, topples over, and there’s an eruption of joy from the other end as someone shouts ‘STRIKE!’” – The Boulder Strikes Again And that, ladies and gentlemen, was probably the first time you looked at ten-pin bowling from the viewpoint of the poor pins who take hits day in and day out for our pleasure and joy! But don’t worry, despite hoping that they survive every strike from the boulder, the pins are just as joyful when you hit a strike. They just love challenging you all to the max.

What is Ten-Pin Bowling?

Apologies for getting a little ahead of ourselves. Some of you may not be entirely familiar with the game, and in that case, here’s your chance to know all about it. Ten-pin bowling is a game in which you have to roll a ball (called the bowling ball) down a wooden-alley towards ten pins. The objective is to knock down the pins, and you get points for how many you knock down. Now you may wondering how hard could it be throw a ball at pins, but once you play the game, you’ll realise it’s challenging enough to keep your interest rising every time you play. First of all, the bowling ball isn’t your average tennis ball. It’s big. Like basketball ball big. Like a watermelon big. It’s completely round and usually very shiny. However, you do get three holes to hold the ball comfortably and roll it down the alley. The weight of the bowling ball can vary from ball to ball, and you’ll have to find the one that suits your style and comfort the best. Generally, the heavier the ball, the higher the chances of knocking down all the pins. But people of all ages play the game as a hobby, so there are several weights to the balls and you can master the game easily no matter if you are 12 or 45 years old.

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