Table Tennis: Passion in Sport

Thought of the Day: Passion in Sport (SERVING)

I’ve always enjoyed racket sports. Tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis etc… even Volley Ball, while technically not a racket sport, it contains a lot of similar elements of game play.

But for me, the SERVE has always been the most interesting part of the game. That initial delivery of the ball into play where every prior serve is recalled, patterns of behaviour have formed and expectations are set, then changed. Readiness is tested by the receiver and control/strategy is executed by the deliverer.

Over the course of a match, all the stops come out as in every opportunity the highest level of advantage is sought, while in return, every attempt is made for it to be squashed.

It’s a dynamic and unscripted dance.

Tricks… misdirection… distraction… Where any form of pattern development then subsequent interruption is drawn upon to force their submission.

Even being defeated by a string of coordinated service attacks is incredible to experience. One after another, they’re in your head, reading your moves, placing the stroke neatly just out of reach… faster/slower, deeper/shorter, higher/lower… yeah it sounds sexy you weirdos… because it is! The essence is as deeply rooted (heh) in human psychology as an intimate connection when done right.

The place where competition, communication and cooperation is blurred.

Now that’s where the fun is at.

So there… passion in sport people. Maybe Volley Ball is like polygamy or something. *shrug* I dunno… I didn’t think the analogy that far ahead haha!

Edit: Yeah, needed an image.

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